An online mobile business app can be a solid one-stop platform that offers all the banking and arrangements you want to maintain in your business. Record payments, apply for loans and credit cards, and develop your business from the app. It can permit you to do your everyday business without interference.

An instant business app like YONO business acknowledges installments from numerous sources, such as UPI, Debit, and Credit cards. Besides, it gives you the Tap N Pay that raises the general client experience for both your client and you. It can likewise help you avail of a loan for the smooth working of your business.

You can benefit from the top-tier banking offices of India’s No. 1 Bank:

  • Business Loan
  • Loan on Credit Cards

What are a few unique elements of the app:

Installments that can keep all types of online payment modes, for example, Cards-Tap N Pay, UPI, QR code, and SMS Pay

The Tap to Pay feature lets you acknowledge installments from contactless cards on your NFC-empowered gadget. With this component, your clients should tap their NFC card on your cell phone, and the installment gets over.

The app additionally upholds installments through all UPI apps. Moreover, you can share your payment message with clients via SMS or WhatsApp and get UPI payments from anywhere.

  • Pay Later and Cash Register

Record, track and gather the remarkable duty of your regular clients by utilizing the instant payment app ‘Pay Later’ feature. Using Cash Register, you can record all their money transfers for settlement.

  • One-View For All Transactions

This feature displays all transactions in a single view.

  • Apply for loans quickly

It offers simple access to Pre-approved Loans* that fit your business requirements with the following:

  • Business Loan
  • Loan on credit card
  • Apply for Business Credit Card

With this app, you can easily apply for business credit cards to help you with your operational expenses.

  • Oversee Vendors’ and Suppliers’ Payments

With a digital payment app, make your merchant and wholesaler installments and pay your GST and Utility Bills from a single app.

  • Pay your merchants carefully

Use credit cards to make online payments to your providers and wholesalers. Get as long as 45 days of credit on payments through business credit cards.

  • Take Care Of Utility Bills

The app can also give you additional options for online bill payments.

Along with this, it allows you to –

It has distinctive features like Real-Time Biz Dashboard, Customer Feedback and Ratings, Staff User Management, and Customer Intelligence.

It offers you constant assistance with the chatbot and assists dealers with contacting the assisted place to resolve their issues and inquiries.

It offers an instant, computerized, and 100 % paperless onboarding experience to existing Current Account holders.

Users can stay informed in a split second through SMS and alerts for each effective transfer done on the app.

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