You have probably seen these big powerful motorcycles whizzing past you on the highway and if you’re wondering how easy it would be to become the proud owner of a superbike, this article was written with you in mind. The first thing to consider is legality; you can’t just walk into a Yamaha dealer and jump on a 1,200cc superbike and ride it home, rather you need to obtain the right type of driving licence.

Riding a Big Bike in Australia

If you are starting from scratch, you need to take the basic rider safe course, which will teach you the basics of how to control the bike on a range of surfaces. To take this course, you need to have either a car driving licence or a learner’s permit.

Advanced Training

After at least 6 months riding a small motorcycle, you can apply to take the advanced riding course and once you have received the competency certificate, present this to the relevant authority to receive your R-date licence.

R-Date Licence

Exactly one year from the start date of your R-date licence, you automatically qualify to ride any bike, regardless of the power/weight ratio. You don’t need to have anything changed on your licence, nor do you have to see anyone, as the licence automatically upgrades after the 12-month period.

Choosing a Big Bike

By now, you should already know what your dream machine is and with Yamaha motorcycle finance, you can spread the payment over a few years. Whether you prefer to sports racer or the tourer, or even an off-road machine, you’ll find a range of new and used big bikes at your nearest Yamaha dealer, where you can book a test ride.

Protective Clothing

You can’t ride any motorcycle without first obtaining the right protective gear, which includes the following; 

  • Good quality full-face helmet
  • Leather motorcycle jacket
  • Leather trousers (heavy denim is fine)
  • Motorcycle boots
  • Motorcycle gloves

The only other thing you need is a wet suit; a lightweight plastic top and bottom to keep you dry if you encounter rain.


Of course, your new superbike is quite an investment and you therefore need comprehensive insurance that covers the bike for every eventuality. The Yamaha dealer has all the details and can arrange for cover to begin when you ride the beast out of the showroom and then your speed adventure can start.

It should be noted that safe riding is all about respecting speed limits and NEVER assuming anything and with a couple of years’ experience riding smaller bikes, when you do take delivery of the big boy, you have the skills and experience to ride safely.

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